images (4)7 MARCH 2016, A day which I will never forget in my life. This was the day which transformed my hobby to a talent. Sorry, I wouldn’t term it as a hobby but a God gift (that’s what my mom believe).A God gift which met me around three years ago and then it became my hobby or in other words, I started to improve my skills on it. I got a command on my talent and then started the process to take it to the national and international level.

I loved reverse spelling since I guess I was in my eighth standard [I completed my 12th boards today..wish me luck for the results :-)]. I used to back-spell every word I encountered with, to the extent that if anyone asks me the spelling of any word for example: knowledge, I would not spell in the forward manner but backwards i.e. egdelwonk! One day, my mom just asked me to check whether it could get a recognition and to my luck I found LIMCA BOOKS OF RECORDS in my country, India which honors talent of people at the national level just like GUINNESS WORLD RECORD at the international level. I applied in both and to my luck, my record got approval from the LIMCA BOOKS OF RECORDS  but unfortunately it didn’t made it to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS due to some mistakes. But I was at least happy that I am going to get a national recognition. I broke the record of a young man of 27 years from India whose record was reverse spelling of 50 words in 1 min and 22 secs whereas i broke the record in  1 min and 5.11 secs ( much to the enjoyment, I was just a teenager,16, back then. ). The day and the week that followed wherein I received my certificate was my best days. Interviews and wishes from everyone just added an icing to the cake.My news article was published in the leading newspapers in English, Hindi and Urdu. I became a mini celebrity.

And it is not over yet!

The best thing is yet to come! My record will be published in the 2017 edition of the LIMCA BOOKS OF RECORDS. It will be published soon in a month or less. So there is some excitement left to be celebrated! Till then,my mom will continue to make herself happy by googling my own name on the net and reading the article. Now, My next goal is to enter into GUINNESS BOOKS RECORDS and I hope I will make it to it soon ! Wish me luck!




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