She had just started her classes which lasts 8 hours starting from 12 at noon till 8 at night. That means calculating the travelling time she would reach home by 9:30pm which was the first time for her and he was extremely worried. She knew he would repeatedly call her or text her to look on her and forget all about their fights.

But she didn’t wanted this! Yes, you heard it right… She didn’t want to patch up. She was doing it all on purpose. No, she was not ditching him nor did she had any eyes on anyone but whatever she was doing was for him .

Might sound strange, right?

She did for him so that he can focus on his career. She knew that due to his family issues, he was not able to concentrate on his career. And she also thought she was also contributing to it by distracting him because they were always together, like the whole day! She wanted him to build a great career and secure his future. She wanted to have a great future with him and for that she was sacrificing few years with him so that he can settle down faster.

Next part will be posted soon:). 

 Till then please write on your comments below that whether she did was right or she was just messing up with things between them!! 

Thank you.


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